Charron Pugsley-Hill


Charron Pugsley-Hill, Artist displaying at the Rural Business Community

Charron Pugsley-Hill began painting in 2010 following a professional career in wildlife conservation and  the environment.  Her art is therefore inspired by her passion for nature and places that she visits and loves. She has always been an advocate of colour and texture believing that they can affect our mood and positivity in ways we may or may not understand.  She is completely self-taught and enjoys learning and trying new things as time passes. However her style is focussed around her distinctive swirly skies and her bold use of bright colours!

Painting for Charron Pugsley-Hill draws out the emotions and energy around her love of nature and the outdoors. She is outside whenever she can be and she loves traveling and exploring new places that then may inspire her to paint.  She is a happy positive person and wants to bring joy, positivity and happiness to others through her painting, as she believes that focusing on the positives can help us live in a way that give us and others true depth and satisfaction. She is also inspired by the reactions of people who enjoy her work and take the time to tell her their thoughts and opinions on what she does. The most popular comment is that “it makes me smile” and that for her that is what its all about!

Most of Charron’s paintings are in acrylics, as she loves the strength and vibrancy of the colours they give on the canvas. She also uses metallics and fine glitters to give a changing feel  in different light conditions. Charron Pugsley-Hill likes to paint big..the bigger the better, as she can be very extrovert in each piece, moving and standing, as she paints to give impact with each subject.

Charron has permanent exhibitions in Art in the Heart Gallery and shop in Peterborough and Love Stamford -a shop/gallery in the centre of Stamford. She has just finished a residency with the National Trust. She also sells on-line in a number of high profile galleries and has also recently been receiving invitations to exhibit internationally. She is working with a number of national high profile charities to raise awareness and fund raise for them as well as working on a number of high profile projects  into 2015. A short film has also recently been made, as the first in a series about what inspires her and why she does what she does-search for her on Youtube.

She welcomes  commissions and also has a range of products that are printed with some of her eye-catching paintings. These include a stunning range of cushions produced by Scatter Box an international upholstery company. Please see her website for details.

Please contact Charron if you have any questions or thoughts on her work and products as she loves hearing what you think about she is doing and the subjects that she is painting!

Tel: 07966 208282