Emma Raffle- Artist

We are delighted to welcome Emma Raffle to The Rural Business Community. Emma is an artist that produces environmentally friendly pieces, using a wide range of mediums.

Read the artist’s biography below:

‘I have been selling my work and undertaking commissions for over 20 years, from when I was at secondary school.  Since school I have among other things studied, fine art, textiles and architecture.  I have started to exhibit in the past year and have found it very rewarding receiving feedback and when I get a sale it is a great boost to know someone appreciates my work.

My love of textiles and the discovery of needle felt led to my recent works.  Through experimenting with different fibres, yarns and fabrics I began to create images, initially using a background fabric.  However most of my more recent pieces have been created from a pile of merino wool, silk husks, fabric scraps, yarns and other fibres.  I then begin to punch the fibres together to create the image or effect that I am after.  Each piece of fabric either becomes a finished piece in itself or is cut and used with other pieces to make another piece.  I am also a weaver and am now working on some pieces that incorporate my weaving as well as needle felt and beads.

My inspiration comes mainly from nature, but also from my feelings and observations.  I love colour and enjoy experimenting with how different colours and textures work together.’



To arrange a viewing of Emma’s work at The Rural Business Community

CALL Charlotte on 01572 338001

EMAIL info@theruralbiz.com