Madison Webb- Artist

This Autumn (2012) we are thrilled to be showing some of the work of Peterborough based artist Madison Webb. See below for the artist’s biography;

“To The Moon” 2005


Madison Webb is a Mixed Media Artist and Therapist who moved to the Peterborough area from Hackney Wick in East London 18 months ago.


“In London I lived within an expanding community of artists from various disciplines based in “The Wick”, I exhibited as part of an International Arts event “Hackney Wicked”.

Living at the time right next to the developing Olympic village added to the creative vibe in the area. It was a great place to live and work and that energy fed into my work at the time.

Prior to that I lived in North Hampshire, where I was a member of a community Arts group “Arthaus”. We set up several public based activities/ exhibitions, along with undertaking several private commissions.


My work in the last 8 years has been informed by my personal experiences and my work as a therapist and is concerned with Existentially based Phenomenological questioning i.e. what it means to be a human experiencing the world in all its rich, beautiful, frustrating, confusing, and even anxious emotions, and how we make sense and understanding of how we live our lives.

Working with people every day in varying states of their individual experiences of life and distress, has really informed my understanding of what it is to be human and that ultimately we are all doing the best we can with what we have to hand in our individual journeys.”


“Working in mixed media allows me to access a broad palette of mediums demanded by the work”



Phone: 07891 400934 

Or, contact Charlotte at The Rural Business Community to come view the work that we have on display:

Call 01572 338001