The Active Referral Network

The Rural Business Community is not just a lovely, relaxing, rural office space. The different businesses that make up The Rural Business Community mean that the interaction between these businesses is just as important, if not more so.

People pay hundreds of pounds a year to attend networking groups where they get to spend 2 hours a fortnight with their fellow members, and this can be the source of a great many referrals for their business. Imagine how much more powerful this becomes when you are seeing those same people several times a week, chatting over coffee, enjoying a relaxing lunch or just taking a breath of fresh air.

At The Rural Business Community we have The Active Referral Network. This allows fellow members of the community to explain their business ideas and specialities on a regular basis so that they really do understand how these other businesses can add value to each other’s clients, and each other’s businesses. The Active Referral Network takes place in our new conference rooms in Seaton.

The Mastermind Group

Business owners and entrepreneurs know they need to take time out of their busy schedules read and learn about how they can improve their business. That said, all to often they end up spending too much time working ‘in the business’ instead of ‘on the business’ (to quote The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber).

The Mastermind Group allows fellow business owners to spend a little time each month talking about how they are going to develop their business, and sharing expertise and ideas on they can move their business forward. Sharing this with others add significant value to the process as well allowing each and every one to benefit from others business experience and knowledge.


Not only does this mean that businesses can refer clients to each other, but also start to collaborate on business projects, seminars and even share resources.

Join the community to see how powerful this really can be.


The Rural Business Community is a new serviced office based in Seaton, Rutland. It is just 2 miles from Uppingham, 9 miles from Oakham, 12 miles from Stamford and 16 miles from Market Harborough and we are just 1.5 miles off the A47.

Please get in contact with us through the details at the top of the page, if you would like to know more.