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The chance to network with professionals, building contacts and sharing ideas with likeminded people can not only help you to improve your business strategy, but it can also help you to expand your client base. At The Rural Business Community, we fully understand the value of collaboration and development.  Every year, companies spend hundreds of pounds in order to attend networking groups; where they can share ideas with likeminded people, build new professional relationships and develop business methods to help their company prosper. These events are the ideal ‘escape’ that we all need- an opportunity to take a break from your busy schedule and spend quality time learning how you can improve your business. However, at these events, your attendance comes at a monetary cost and the content is generalised for a wide audience. They can become an expensive practice and are only effective if you hold resonance with the other attendees, and the subject matter is central to your industry.
With these factors in mind, we wanted to find an ideal balance for our local professionals, and, at the same time , place a solid focus upon helping companies to learn about opportunities that are available to their clients. For us, the most important factors to consider were the costs involved for networking meetings, the quality and relevance of the subjects covered, that the time spent out of the office is kept to a minimum and ensuring that all attendees shared common ground. Therefore, we have decided that once a month we will host a free networking meeting, specifically designed for business professionals, such as solicitors, accountants and business consultants in the Rutland area. All events will be hosted by Charlie Reading Dip PFS (Independent Financial Planner), director of The Rural Business Community and Efficient Portfolio, and will feature a variety of guest speakers.  These events will take place at 8am, on selected dates throughout the year, at The Rural Business Community in Seaton, Rutland.  A complimentary breakfast will be provided for you, allowing you to network, build a new contact and referral base and develop your business in a relaxed environment.

Each meeting will be tailored to cover the topics that matter most to our professionals, meaning that current issues are addressed, areas that can add significant value to your clients’ experience are covered and the issues that are important to you and your business are central to the discussion. There will also be a specific title given to each event, so you know exactly what will be covered prior to the meeting. A guest speaker will be present at each event, so you will receive expert guidance on a range of different areas every time that you attend. We would also like to encourage our attendees to speak at these events, so that everyone has a chance to share their specific expertise, hot topics in their industry I order to help in the growth of their own client base and discuss the areas that are most valued by them.

We held our first meeting for professionals on Thursday 2nd February 2012, entitled ‘Financial Hot Topics for Professionals’. Several local professionals were in attendance, including representatives from ‘Buckles Law’ and ‘Tollers’, with our guest speaker as David Hannah from ‘Cornerstone’. We are delighted that all attendees gave very positive feedback and the general consensus was that he event had been ‘productive’, ‘informative’ and a ‘great mix of business and pleasure’.  Owing to the success of this event, we will be repeating the same theme on May 24th at 0800, with a guest speaker from UBS Wealth Management onthe solutions available for High Net Worth clients from a Private Bank.

Our next event will be on Thursday 17th July 2014

The Government now requires all employers with eligible employees to enrol them into a workplace pension scheme and pay contributions on their behalf. So on Thursday 17th July 2014 at 8.00am we will be hosting a FREE event to help you as a get to grips with this new pension legislation known as Auto Enrolment.

The event will be hosted by Billy Johnson, the Managing Director of Ink; a specialist in Auto Enrolment, Employee Benefits and HR business. Billy is an Auto Enrolment expert and has seen many employers through and beyond their Staging Dates. He works personally with Ink’s clients helping to run their projects and plan for new Workplace Pensions. You can read more about the event by clicking here.

Networking is an invaluable method for growing any business but The Professional Network is a more focused and specialist variation on the theme. To be a part of this free and unique group, or just to book onto one of the scheduled events please;


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We look forward to seeing you soon.