Hot-Desk Blog: Shrinking space has left the office cold, but Hot-Desking is heating things up

The change in working culture is finally upon us. The office seems like a distant memory for the new breed of coffee-shop based workers. They are making a sprinter’s pace dash from client to agency, whilst trying to balance a mélange of modern technology in the free hand that is not permanently glued to their smart phones. In these economic times, there has been increasing cut backs on permanent staff and a forcible rise in the use of freelancers, leaving no choice for the work-force other than to become more mobile and flexible in their approach. The reasoning behind these cuts is undoubtedly financial, and is supported by the cost-saving practice of companies wanting temporary office space. So with most workers seeing more of the bottom of a cardboard cup than the inside of their companies building, the permanent office scene has been left out in the cold.

But fear not, there is a warming light at the end of this tunnel, in the form of a trend called Hot-Desking. This is where people are able to hire a desk on a short-term or ad-hoc basis and it is a growing trend for organisations in need of temporary office space. Not only does Hot-Desking allow a flexible working environment, it is also an incredibly cost effective method for both companies and individuals. With Hot-Desks you can simply come into the office, when you need to, and use an available space. The benefits of flexibility and low costs are incredibly attractive in today’s economy, but surely this can be achieved from working from the ‘comfort’ of your own home?

The answer, simply, is no. Working at home can be very convenient for some, but it can also be the least productive place for business. Working in a more traditional office space gives you the vital support, in areas such as IT, which can really make the difference. We all know how destructive and frustrating a day’s work with no internet connect can be! The home also provides numerous distractions and temptations; from the dog wanting to be taken for a walk, something interesting catching  your eye on the television, to the children vying for your attention- all elements that would be eradicated in an office environment. Working at home has a tendency to alienate you from genuine, not virtual, interaction with likeminded people. Networking with these people can be vital to the growth of your business and often necessary to maintain your sanity!

This is where The Rural Business Community steps in. Set in the heart of the beautiful and tranquil county of Rutland, The Rural Business Community has been set up to help companies and individuals thrive in a social, efficient and idyllic rural setting. This new venture offers the perfect Hot-Desk solution in the form of an open-plan office that can be used in a variety of ways, by a variety of business types. Whether you spend a significant amount of time on the road, only work part-time, work from home or even if you need a Rutland base for your business, The Rural Business Community is the ideal location. You can even rent a desk on a more permanent basis, for those who require a more regular space. This style of office spacing will also satisfy the company’s accountant, as desks start from the astounding price of £6.56 per day!

By using the open plan office, companies will also have free access to a fantastic range of facilities that are aimed at creating the perfect professional impression and taking the hassle out of your work; including free usage of the meeting rooms that are on site at The Rural Business Community, a fully staffed reception area, Virtual Solution Packages, fast Wi-Fi connection and free-roam of the surrounding countryside. There are also regular networking meetings, so there are many opportunities for you to expand your contacts and business relationships.

The face of office culture may have changed, but The Rural Business Community is here to ensure that the image of the flexible worker, huddled in their car, using the back-seat as a filing cabinet and desperately trying not to lose signal on their hands-free kit on that vital call, is replaced by something relaxed, reliable and, above all, professional.

If you would like any further information about a Hot-Desk at The Rural Business Community, please contact us on 0157 2338001 or, alternatively, visit our website We always warmly welcome visitors, so if you would like to see this beautiful new centre for yourself, please just let us know.

The Rural Business Community is a new serviced office based in Seaton, Rutland. It is just 2 miles from Uppingham, 9 miles from Oakham, 12 miles from Stamford and 16 miles from Market Harborough.

Please get in contact with us through the details at the top of the page, if you would like to know more.