Summer Blog 2012

See below for our Summer Blog 2012.

The leaves are changing, the mornings seem darker and there is certainly a chill creeping into the air- summer 2012 is well and truly over. It is also that time of year when we take time to look back over the past three months and start to plan for the up and coming quarter.

This past summer has seen The Rural Business Community become a real hive of activity. We have been delighted to welcome two new companies to our fold, taking us up to eleven businesses that now call our Rutland centre their home. We have also seen several new faces that have used our facilities for both ‘Hot Desks’ and Meeting Rooms. To say that we are pleased with these results is an understatement! This time last year, we had only just opened our doors and were taking our first tentative steps towards establishing ourselves as a fully serviced office and conference centre. Twelve months on, and we are not only close to being full; we are starting to make plans for future expansion. It is great to see such a diverse mix of local companies working under the same roof. We have already seen several inter-company collaborations and numerous, strong, business relationships formed. It is our hope to keep this trend alive in our offices and continue to help support local companies in Rutland and act as a catalyst for their success.

As delighted as we are with our own achievements, we are also incredibly conscious that the same has not been the case for all companies in our region.  In the second quarter of the year, the UK slipped back into recession. This affected a range of businesses, regardless of their size, sector or region.  In the East Midlands, 50% of businesses indicated that the economic climate is their biggest problem and that their sales figures had fallen by 9%.[i] Our central ethos is to help in the development of small, local businesses and provide the tools that they need to succeed, at competitive rates. With the current state of the economy, we have decided to try and help where we can. Autumn and winter 2012 will be geared towards helping you to look after your money.

At The Rural Business Community, we pride ourselves on having a range of office solutions to suit every budget. One of the main ways that we achieve this is through our Hot Desks.  Hot Desking is where people are able to rent a desk on a short term or ad-hoc basis. It is also a growing trend amongst organisations in need of temporary office space, for part-time workers and people who spend a considerable amount of time on the road. Not only does Hot Desking allow a flexible working environment, it is also an incredibly cost effective method for both companies and individuals. You can even rent a desk on a more permanent basis, as a low cost office solution.  This style of office spacing will certainly please the company accountant, as prices start from an astonishing £6.56 per day! Our Hot Desks have already proven popular with several small, local companies, who find this style of working ideal for their needs and budgets. Using a Hot Desk also means that you receive all of the same benefits that you would expect from a Private Office; including Wi-Fi, VOIP Telephones, Printing Services, Administrative Support and access to our Meeting Room facilities, but at a much lower financial expense.

Earlier in this article I spoke about collaboration between the companies at The Rural Business Community, and that includes us. With our aim this quarter focussing on helping you to look after your money, we thought that the perfect company to work with would be Efficient Portfolio. Efficient Portfolio provides a bespoke, independent financial planning service, specialising in building, managing and protecting your wealth. They are experts in retirement planning and assisting business owners and families. In autumn and winter 2012, and throughout 2013, Efficient Portfolio will be presenting several seminars at our centre. The topics will include ‘How Business Owners Can Maximise Their Money, ‘Protecting Your Family’s Wealth from Tax, Care Fees and Divorce’ and ‘Maximising Your Income and Capital in Retirement’. These seminars are designed to help you to plan for the future and will show you what steps to take in order to safeguard your wealth. All of these events are free and include complementary refreshments. For further details and to book your place, click here.

We hope that our services and events will help you to look after your money. Supporting our local people and economy are vital in our eyes, so our doors are always open for you to come and see what we can do for you.


[i] Quarterly Survey of Small Business in Britain, Open University June 2012