Warm Desk Blog November 2011

Warm Desk Blog November 2011

The Cold Winter is setting in, so Come and Keep a Desk Warm

In 1975 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak began work on a new computer called the ‘Apple’.  This groundbreaking venture would soon become one of the most iconic brands that the world has ever seen. All of this started life in Steve Jobs’ domestic garage, proving the point that you do not need a huge office, or a huge work force, to be a huge success.

One person and small-scale companies have never been as prominent as they are today. In 2010 the Federation of Small Businesses estimated that there were currently 4.8 billion small businesses globally , and 3.6 million of these were sole proprietors. At The Rural Business Community , we are very much in-tune with this contemporary style of working and want to help support and nurture these smaller businesses, so that one day they can follow in the successful footsteps of Jobs and Wozniak.

The biggest struggle for small businesses is cost.  Renting large office spaces tends to blow the entire budget, whereas home-working creates the problem of having to purchase expensive and technical equipment, (and that is without the additional strain that this puts on your utility bills). Home working can also offer a range of distractions can leave the worker feeling isolated from ‘the real world’. So what is the solution? It is simple; it is a ‘warm desk’.

Some of you may have heard of the term ‘Hot-Desk’ being used in the office context. As a definition, this is where people are able to pay a monthly fee and have access to desk space for a few hours per week. This is a fantastic cost-saving concept, especially for those who work on the road and need some rest bite to catch up on emails, telephone calls and paperwork. But, what about those who need a desk during conventional office hours on a daily basis? The ‘Warm Desk’ is the answer.

The ‘Warm Desk’, so called because the occupier is literally ‘keeping the desk warm’, differs from the ‘Hot-Desk’ in a number of ways. Most importantly, a ‘Warm-Desk’ is your permanent home. No one else uses this desk, so you can safely keep your documents, computer, stationery and photographs all in one place, without having to clear up at the end of your session. It is a desk that effectively becomes your private, small scale office, but at a much more cost effective price. The desk also comes with your vital business tools, such as VOIP telephone, high speed Wi-Fi internet access, lockable draws, office chair and all of your utilities and maintenance taken care of. Professional business solutions are at your fingertips, including administrative support, bookkeeping and telephone handling, without you having to employ more personnel. You will even have access to a photocopier, printer and scanner (something that most companies providing ‘Hot-Desks’ cannot offer), all bundled together in a flexible contract.

Jobs and Wozniak started their business from home. Despite their success in this environment, without their contacts it would have taken years for their voices to be heard in the market place. At The Rural Business Community we believe that collaboration is the key to success. Because of this, we hold regular networking meetings and encourage our companies to pool resources to help individual victory. Our ‘Warm Desks’ are located in our open plan office, which is a hub of collaborative potential. Here you will be able to make new contacts from a range of professional backgrounds, whilst being able to focus on your small business. Through renting a desk at The Rural Business Community you will have free access to meeting rooms and half price rates on our conference facilities, meaning that liaising with clients, expanding your target audience or training your team is not a costly exercise.

So if you are in need of a credible business address, which offers you all of the benefits of a large office but drives your costs down, then why not come and keep one of our desks warm.

For more information, please contact us on the details listed on this website. We are currently running an offer which enables you to trial a desk for one day, completely free of charge. Come and experience a ‘Warm Desk’ for yourself today.