Notes from a Working Kitchen

The March 2012 edition of The King’s Arms Newsletter, entitled Notes from a Working Kitchen, talks about the collaboration between them and The Rural Business Community.


‘I am sitting here at my desk looking out at one of the nicest days I have seen so far this year. It’s an absolute corker. A wonderful start to the new month and also for our most recent arrivals. Two beautiful Welsummer hens and 3 White Russian Orloffs. They seem to be settling in well so far, making the most of the long run, the weather and the new surroundings. That brings the flock up to 20 now. You would be amazed at the speed with which they can work their way through the vegetable patch. So time for some fencing, me thinks, to protect the about to be planted veggies. Another job to add to the spring list: tidy up the car park, repair the fruit cages, cut back the last straggling branches. It’s all go to get ready for another summer’s growing and harvesting.

This month will also see 2 of our oldest rooms get an update. The Bakery Suite and The Grainstore: bathrooms spruced and re-tiled, paint and furnishings to be updated. This should see us with 6 beautifully modernised rooms all good to go by April.

We have been doing a little more work on the website and we are now able to offer up to the minute conferencing facilities in conjunction with the team of the Rural Biz based in Seaton. Absolutely fantastic facilities for any type of business meeting, large or small. Of course with the added bonus of comfortable accommodation and great food supplied by us at The King’s Arms. We are really looking forward to this new challenge and can’t wait to welcome our first residential business guests.’ 



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