Team Building Day at The Rural Business Community

Friday 15th April 2016. The day that two tribes went to war at Seaton Grange. A battle that tested the brains, brawn and bravery of each combatant and would see the victors crowned as the undoubted champions. Ok, so maybe that’s a little dramatic. But that’s not to say the opening statement isn’t true. However, rather than a ferocious fray, the only cries heard in this skirmish were shrieks of laughter. This contest was in fact a team building exercise.

Team Building 1Each year, Efficient Portfolio, a local financial planning firm, organise a team building day out for their employees, which aims to teach them new skills, build upon their strength and confidence as a team and allow them to generally have great fun. This year, at our Rutland based venue, we were privileged to host this annual team building event. And we took on the challenge with gusto!


Collaboration is the Key

Working alongside award winning team-building company CCC Events, we put together an exciting programme called Hostage Rescue! This explosive four-hour exercise sees two teams pitted against each other, testing both their physical and mental agility and their ability to pull together as a team. More importantly, it gives each participant a chance to make some amazing memories with their colleagues.

Team Building 2CCC Events provided everything from the equipment for the activities to the costumes and actors, which in my mind made this team building event stand out from the crowd. They are an incredibly experienced company, who deliver beyond expectations, so I am thrilled that we are able to work alongside them.

Our part in this extravaganza came in the form of events management, catering and usage of our location. We are in a fortunate position down on the farm, because we can offer lush fields, a paved outdoor area and a range of indoor rooms (which were crucial on this team building day, as the weather was sadly not in our favour!) We took the hassle out of the day for Efficient Portfolio, by liaising with CCC Events every step of the way to make sure that our guests could make the most of their adventure.

I dont want to give too much away about the actual event itself, as I think that part of the excitement for the team who took part was not knowing what, or who, was going to jump out at them next! But what I will tell you is that the feedback we had about the diversity of activities and the locations on offer was really positive. They were delighted with the events management, from both us and CCC Events, the cost-effective venue and the Team Building 3freedom to use the centre as their own for the afternoon. The team who took part loved their day and thrived on the fact that it was unique, exciting and extremely good fun.


Team Building Leads to Success!

Team building is crucial to the success of your company. Investing in the learning and development of your staff will increase productivity, morale and their belief in your company vision. So, if you are looking to break the mould when it comes to team building events, I highly recommend visiting They have a huge variety of programmes, all of them tailored to your requirements, which will give you and your team an unforgettable experience and provide an invaluable team-building skills.

Team Building 4As we have worked alongside this company before, we would be delighted to facilitate your experience at our centre, and give you free-roam of our grounds and indoor meeting and conference rooms. Alternatively, if you would like us to organise the event with CCC Events on your behalf, please just let us know.