Renewable Energy Consulting Services






With rapidly depleting natural energy resources, renewable energy consulting services are something you need to consider if you own or manage your own business premises. Oil and gas supplies are finite and that demand will outstrip supply over the coming years. Add to this the ongoing political instability in many oil producing regions and the result is irreversible cost increase and rising tension between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Renewable Energy (RE) as the name suggests, will not run out. RE technologies utilising the sun, wind, waves, tides and rivers do not produce CO2.  Biofuels such as wood liberate only as much CO2 when burned as they take-up from the atmosphere while they grow.  In short, by taking up RE alternatives the trend of rising CO2 can be managed and, in time, reduced.

By incorporating RE technologies into your business or home you will reduce CO2 emissions and running costs compared to oil and gas. Because RE is produced on-site, this leads to increased independence and security of supply and greater energy price stability.

This is where Carbon Zero Consulting step in. They are able to offer independent and professional services in:

  • Renewable energy technology selection
  • Ground source heating design and installation
  • Management of private water supplies and advice on regulation

If you would like to talk to someone about your future energy needs:

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